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Aug 2, 2014

The Flightless Birds of Palestine.

Children were created to Live, play and grow, have families around, be comfortable and away from any form of fear.
Children were meant to dream and paint, to laugh and be innocent, to bring us joy, to simply, be birds..

and I hear the birds crying, powerless, angry and flightless.

their trees have been cut down, their forests of security have been burned, the shelters are destroyed, the sky is dark, the ground is hot. if i fly i fall, If I walk I burn, and If I open my eyes I cry.
I'm a million shattered pieces of pain, I lost my Mom, my Dad, my siblings, where I grew up, my friends, my school, my toys. and I'm left behind, I'm left.

It's the birds of Palestine and anywhere else in the world where justice has lost its forms and left us Children with broken hearts.
it's where I belong, to the flocks of the flightless birds.
they teach me strength, and I can only remember this:

"Time cannot break the bird’s wing from the bird.
Bird and wing together
Go down, one feather.
No thing that ever flew,
Not the lark, not you,
Can die as others do."

p.s: The ending is "To a young Poet By Edna. St. Vincent Millay."


Feb 27, 2014

A Sun that doesn't burn Icarus.

Driven to you, fully conscious, with all the mental powers I've got for thinking. Aware of the fantasy I’m going deep into..

 A man of adventure, I was born in the wilds where everything scares, yet feels familiar and safe. My heart belongs to the world. How would life become so safe for the one who was raised in the hands of fire, a man of steel and desires, jealousy and burning craves! Life would be boring on the Harbor, no harbors for me. The Wilds and the Oceans; where my heart ignites, only.

How could a person experience a road with only one heart? And how boring life would be with only one life! One heart isn't enough, one life isn't enough. You’re enough; you’re the perfection and the satisfaction of E.N.O.U.G.H.

Safe isn't a word of security, it’s a lie of the weak. Life isn't safe, adventures aren't meant to be defined under any term of the word “Safe”.  Safety is your Aircraft Captain asking you to put your seat belt on before the plane takes off, as if the plane fell down your safety belt would do you good! No. it would only prevent you from enjoying falling down freely from miles above in a giant craft.

It’s a feeling of concrete, falling in love with someone who is weak, insecure, cautious, afraid, pale, and faraway? A man of the wilds doesn't find home in a heart that hasn't experienced the joy of flying! You can never convince a butterfly that being a worm on the ground is better than being a free butterfly in the skies!! I wish you were a butterfly, I wish I have had met you above the roses I've kept for you all the way long. I wish you were a butterfly... 

I hear the world calling your name, everything directs me to you, the Autumn leaves head toward you, the wind sends me there, the clouds are above your spot. It’s a rainy morning, your life, rainy mornings. I’ll bring you the Sun; a Sun that doesn't burn Icarus. I’ll show you how beautiful life is with the sea in front of you, the sands under your feet, the soft clouds above, and the Sunset igniting the world in front of you. Everything would disappear, the World would stop. And I’ll finally stand in front of you, a colorful Butterfly to take you there, where the Sun sets everyday, where I kept you the Roses of the years.

Sep 19, 2013


Connections, originally uploaded by Sabri Jaber.

"No thing that ever flew, not the lark, not you, can die as others do."
#Summer 2013.
Sabri Jaber.

Sunset in Amman.

Sunset., originally uploaded by Sabri Jaber.

Sunset in #Amman .
September, 18th. 013.
Sabri Jaber.

Jul 13, 2013

It Gives & Takes (Poem). Live Performance.

I've been writing for almost 4 years, & This is my first experience to perform one of my writings in front of a crowd, Thanks to the team of *Ta3leeleh Amman* for giving me the chance to to have a one interesting experience.

Watch here:

Jul 2, 2013


Clowns believe that they can please everyone, even before they start their spectacular show, they just know that for sure! Paint their faces with colors, hiding the sorrow of their soul, draw a smile, hold a sack of lies, and walk toward that spot light, that rounded area where hundreds of faces are clapping, for the lies.
The crowds don’t care about your sorrow, you silly clown! They just want to get back home bragging about how much fun they had that night, they don’t see you as a human who feels, they just see the colorful funny clown, they don’t see you, you don’t exist to them.
Holding to that clown tightly with your nails? Why do we always search for a mask to hide behind, a person to put in front of us, a cover, a shelter?! We just keep hiding, until we reach that moment where we lose who we really are, because we have been escaping for so long from reality, leaving ourselves behind us, and the world refuses to leave an object without moving!!

It’s hard to be who you really are, sometimes, hard to be under the spot light with no colors on your face! But this is us, we born  a piece of clay, then time makes a sculpture out of us, we are all sculptures, and it’s fine to see scars all over your soul, because we are not clowns, we are sculptures, we come with scars.

Jun 24, 2013

"Children Protection" to Join AYV Media Gallery!

My Project was featured to join the Adobe Youth Voices online Media Gallery, with #10.000 views, so far.
very Proud & very Honoured to see that it was good enough to be join thousands of projects from youth from around the world.

I'm calling & spotting the light of the importance of  Children & Women's rights in specific to be heard and not be silenced, to have the right to speak, and be listened. 

See the full original full version at #AYV Media Gallery here: 

Dec 20, 2012

Photogenic Kitten!

pros 431, originally uploaded by Sabri Jaber.

Starting Over!

Original Creation By: Sabri Jaber.
All Rights Reserved. December 2012.

Born Again.

Have you ever wanted to sleep all the day long just because reality was too ugly to be awake watching it? Have you ever felt like losing yourself, like you start questioning about who you really are? Why you are here, in the place you are in now, why am I surrounded with this kind of people, not that, I have what I need, but not what I desire, I’m miserable, desperate, lost, and in between, there is a huge gap of emptiness, the kind that kills, literally.

 It’s weird how an individual feels so lonely when they almost have everyone around them, weird how you have too much things, yet you feel empty, weird you have a pumping heart, yet it stopped feeling, and the weirdest part of it all, is that you’re in a town, under a ceiling, surrounded by a number of walls, yet, you don’t feel you belong , not to the people, not everything I have, not anyone I met, nor any place I have been to.

I’m so good at acting! I sometimes, well, most of the times, pretend I’m happy about something, like when I go out with my friends, I act like yeeaah! I’m the happiest person alive smiling and laughing, and talking about laughing, it’s really hard to fake that, yet they buy it.

I stopped telling people *I miss you* & *I love you*. Those two statements are meaningless to be said by me to anyone, they mean nothing. Maybe that’s why I’m running and pushing everyone away from me these weeks, maybe because I don’t want to lose how meaningful those words are, especially that a lot of people tell me that, and in return, I should say the same! I used to say the same, like, I used to love and miss, but not anymore, not that I stopped caring, it’s just I stopped feeling, and maybe running away is hard, but losing the meanings of feelings, is way much harder, at least to someone like me.

Few people in my life, I’m sad, too many people in my life, I’m mad! It’s the least word that I could use to describe how unbalanced my life got with the huge number of people I have in my life, all require an equal amount of attention, or let’s say a balanced one! Power & time consuming! I guess this is the main reason why I’m unhappy, I lost balance of everything, and it’s such a tuff thing trying to get everything back the way they used to be, the way it made me feel happy.  

I’m watching a movie almost every single night and extensively reading novels these days, it’s a one good way to escape from reality; at least I stop thinking of myself and everything wrong in my life and live the joy in my movies and novels, for a very short time.

I guess it’s hard on some people to live/see things different than the way they used to be, it’s hard to accommodate the huge number of experiences we go through daily, like you put hundreds of files on your own desk, and by the end of the day, all of them has to go through you, translated into a new attitude, a new thinking, a new everything till you reach the point where a brand new you is born, and this process goes on more than twice yearly, during your life time. So, I think it’s good to be lost and desperate for a short time; to be born again and happy, for a longer time.

Sabri Jaber
December 2012

Dec 7, 2012

Love Bug!

Love Bug!, originally uploaded by Sabri Jaber.


PHOTO_12, originally uploaded by Sabri Jaber.


HO HO HO, originally uploaded by Sabri Jaber.


LILO, originally uploaded by Sabri Jaber.

A Key Holder & 3 Pyramids.

I remember all the details about the 5th of November night…

I was studying for 3 hours and decided to take a break, and because my phone was on the silent mood, I didn't notice the message my sister sent me. She tried to prepare me for the news, but I was there already, in the zone where I felt I lost someone.

Yes, I did. I lost my Auntie and Cousin. Together, along with hundreds of other people who were killed by a random rocket in Syria. And the reasons? No reasons. No reasons.

There were a lot of complications to find this simple, like someone tells you; this is life you lose people! OH! I barely can stand someone saying that! Not that I’m mean, but no one would understand except you who lived every single detail of the story, and it’s just meaningless for me to explain that. It’s normal to lose someone you think? Well, I wish you well, but let’s see how you would feel when you do.

I was filled with sorrow and pain, regrets, somehow, and a lot of anger, a lot of anger. My Auntie wasn't the happiest person alive, or even my cousin. Both of them have experienced a lot of pain and been through a lot of hard times, maybe more than anyone I ever met or knew! They looked silent and peaceful from outside, while it was chaos and sadness from the inside. But that was reflected the moment their souls set free, everything was loud and it was a chaos, except them, they felt peaceful from the inside, maybe for the first time, ever.

My friends came once they heard the news; it was good to have them around, listening to the sound of tears as they touch my lips. We prayed together that night, and I asked GOD to give them what they haven’t had in life, peace.

I slept with a broken heart that night, knowing that you lost something that wouldn't be replaced; it’s such a painful feeling that makes you remain silent, and stream a lot of tears. I fell asleep while trying to remember the last time me and my Auntie had a conversation, I remembered the last time I talked to my cousin, it was two months ago, but my Auntie, I couldn't! I fell asleep…

Woke up the other day with my pillow wet, I remembered. It was a touchy farewell conversation, like she knew, I burst into tears.

It was in Amman one day before she went back to Syria in summer 2010. I graduated from high school and was so happy with my results, she was alone in the Kitchen and I went to bring something, I can’t remember the beginning and the ending, but what was in between is this: “Sabri, you have got a pure white heart, and GOD will reward you with a lot of beautiful things because of this.” I don’t remember what I replied, or how we ended it, but I wish I stayed longer to hear more, I’ll never be in a hurry again…

A lot of memories replayed in my head, touchy ones that worth to be told are the Key Holder and the 3 Pyramids…

#10 years ago she went to Cairo to visit her friend, and I remember the day she traveled, I was a kid by then and telling a kid you are going abroad is so much exciting, yet it’s sad if they can’t go with you! She was in her room and asked: Sabri, what do you want me to bring for you? I was shy, I wanted to tell her take me with you, but instead, I replied: anything that would make me remember Egypt as I thought that’s a decent thing to say.  she did bring me a Key Holder that has three pyramids illustrated on both sides, I kept it for #10 years and never used it, this is my 3rd year for me here in Egypt, I don’t know why, It happened that I brought it this semester with me and it’s my current room key holder. As if this is her way to say, remember me when I die while you’re in Egypt, Sabri!

And ironically, the first time I went to Syria with Dad #9 years ago, my cousin brought me a present; she brought me #3 Pyramids with different sizes.  Egypt related presents, and they both died when I’m in Egypt… I got the message my dears… 

My Auntie dedicated her life for the study of Islamic History, and my Cousin dedicated her life to her Pharmacy, and I’ll dedicate the rest of my life paying it back and forward with all the power I have got for the goodness of this World, and I’ll write pages of anger for the world to be ashamed of remaining silent regarding the killing of innocent people in Syria.  

In Memory of My Auntie & Cousin.
Passed Away: November, 4th. 2012. 

Oct 7, 2012


They move forward or backwards, high above or down below, they move you. Wherever they go, you go, wherever they exist, you exist, and wherever you tell them to be, they’ll be.

They’re stubborn sometimes, they become rigid and tuff, angry and mad, they’re afraid of something! listen, listen, we’re asking you to feel, feel how tuff we became, try to count how many steps we took recently, measure how heavy you are now, you’re heavy, we can’t move you anywhere, we can’t move, you’re not hearing us, you’re a paralyzed heavy object, you’re heavy.

“I’m barely breathing, barely hearing, barely walking, I’m getting weak and lost, I don’t want to be heavy, I don’t want to stay in one place. I can move one leg, I have determination, I have Faith, and you my Feet to move me.”

“We’re feeling him holding us, we feel his warm heartbeats, he’s not looking back but forward. He heard us and doesn’t want to let us go, he’s not giving up, he’s a beautiful brave fighter! We’ll move, we’ll help him move.”

They’re a moving miracle, they take you where your dreams are, they actually shape your road of success, they walk on the hot desert sands, through the cold water of rivers, on the surface of the deep oceans and even on the flaming hot fire.

Feet are beautiful, they’re strong and kind, they catch your tears and hide them in a shelter to make shiny lights out of them for your road to be seen in colors. They listen when no one is there, they look through you while others look at you, they’re the reason why you’re here, where you’re standing right now.

Aug 25, 2012

Lights Will Guide You Home.

It’s been a long time; my heart barely knows what spring means.  Winter lasted so long this time. I tried my best to end it, wanted a shore, a sun and someone beside me healing my shattered heart with tenderness. But winter lasted so long…

Winters don’t stay long; they are visitors, normally, yes! I remember they once described them as visitors, sadly they weren’t. They were more as illness that loves sticking around you, and it never left me.

Cloudy cloudy, it was always cloudy, rain tried to wash the heart, but snow kept on pouring and covered everything, even the street lights weren’t reflected into something real, they were directed to an empty space, and I was lost there fascinated about those fake lights, with people having the same soul, alike faces and different names.

I kept on crying and no one ever noticed. Maybe because I love to cry outdoor under the clouds and they thought it’s only the rain drops on my face, they are so complicated to understand! I cried alone under the rainy clouds with the moon shining once and disappearing behind the clouds twice everyday for years.

I thought my heart wasn’t meant to see a spring, started believing that love wasn’t existed for me, I loved pushing everyone away from me, I made myself believe that. I kept on saying: I don’t need anyone, I’m not that kind of people who love to be attached to anyone anyhow, I just kept saying that, and maybe that’s why spring never came, and my tears never knew any one but me to wipe them away.

Life isn’t always sunny where the sun rises, it’s not always a forest where the river is, it’s not always sleeping when the night falls, and they are not always rain drops on people’s faces.

Lights aren’t stable; they move sometimes, they light a spot upon someone for you to notice. Immediately you are there, a spell takes over.

Everyday is a feast, shiny lights over the world, heart is lit and I’m feeling much, I’m feeling, after all I felt much! I kneel praying, it came! I’ll take this chance, I’ll live it, I’ll be selfish for a while and ignore all the signs and thoughts I had about leaving, I’ll just stay, it’s a feeling, lights weren’t lit for waste  and you haven’t came for nothing. I’ll stay, I’ll stay.

Gasps increase even when sitting, thinking never gave me a break, this feeling is a loud voice in an empty room.

I pray, I pray I would find an answer, a solution! Great GOD show me something, give me a sign, I’ll follow it, tell me what to do and I’ll do it, I promise you I’ll do it, just show me something, show me something.

Not everyone we desire walks on feet, they sometimes have got wings, they fly. We often see things in deep, we don’t look at someone but we look through them, what their eyes say, what they reflect, the person hiding inside, we see that once the light is there, it’s beautiful!

Lights will guide the heart where home is, I chose to stay in my spot doing nothing, I’ll wait an answer, I hope it comes quick, I’m afraid, this spot light is getting bigger and my heart is so small to be noticed in it. I’ll wait for an answer, and whether someone came or not, I hope I’ll be there where that shore is, and I’ll be happy with a soft wave listening to me under a shiny Sun. 

Aug 9, 2012

The Land of the Great Phoenix

We have been there, the land of the great phoenix…

We have been there, once, twice and even more than numbers can count...

It’s beyond rainbows and the clouds, beyond earth and the stars, and it has a great phoenix, the greatest phoenix of all lands.

 It’s beautiful and clean, magical and full of colors... Fixes those who are broken, heals those who are suffering, loves who are hated, and gives those who ask…

It lights your road with shiny lights, gives you signs to follow, and opens your eyes to new directions and chances! Guides you where you want to be, and gives you enough hope and strength to reach what you deserve.

“Land of dreams”, they call it, we belong there, we know it, we have been there, we feel it, and we live there, for a while, while dreaming, and that’s the 24 hours of the day.

Our dreams are shattered sometimes, our hearts are a one pole of a Magnet most of the times, we do yell and fight, we do weep and cry, we fall apart and we drifted at some points from the path we are in. then the sun shined upon us, we had few days, we welcomed feelings, laughed much and cried less. but we don't care anymore, the owner of our land is a Phoenix, and a Phoenix is a bird that was reborn from its ashes, we won't care, not today, not tomorrow. our memories are immortal, they'll always be saved in a castle room with a charming princess in the hidden land where we belong, the land of the great Phoenix. 


Jul 6, 2012


I heard you singing my name, in a Blue sky you exist; in skies you sang my name…

I heard you crying my name, in an exile you exist; in an exile you cried my name…

I heard you screaming my name, in darkness you exist; in darkness you screamed my name…

Gone far the distance, through the dark tunnels, across the wild forests, deep onto seas, between giant mountains where everything is silent, Gone, Gone where there's no one, where there's no tongs, where words aren't tidy, where languages are complicated to be spoken…

But you're still here, in everything; everywhere, singing once, crying twice and screaming more often…

Silence silence, where's the place where I can rest my thoughts, take my sins away and pull me deep, deep the complications of your emptiness, take me into a space where I can hear no one talking, where action is holy and talking is a sin…

Oceans, you have eyes to see, heart to cry, hands to hold and emptiness to hide... take me in, move your hands toward the beach and take me in, take me in, embrace me with your heart, touch my soul with your kindness and take me under, under is peace, under is where the loud world above is reflected into silence, everything means something, it's all actions, no big mouths, no moving tongs, sealed lips and silence.

I'm light enough to be carried, pure enough to be kissed, happy enough to be loved and alive enough to not hear your songs, cries and screams.

Now I'll live forever, forever won't be over, forever will be a sweet space of silence where all actions are done thousands miles down under a killing pressure with silence.

Apr 6, 2012

It Gives & Takes...

On rooftops, when it's cloudy, I scream, when it's cloudy I scream.

I scream when it's cloudy hoping that one cloud could embrace my heart and fly me away from earth, away from my body.

On rooftops when it's sunny, I scream, when it's Sunny I scream.

I scream when it's Sunny wishing a warm sun ray to go through me and light the dark corners in my soul.

On rooftops, when it's rainy, I scream, when it's rainy I scream.

I scream when it's rainy thinking rain could wash away the past that's burning inside of me…

I dream, I dream of a Sunny world, numerous numbers of clouds, and endless rain, endless pouring rain.

That's only a dream; I can't have it all! Why? You're asking me why? Simple: it gives and takes, Life gives and takes.

Cover my smile, kill my ambitions, poison my dreams, I'll scream: it gives and takes.

Destroy my memories, burn my home, hide my Sun, I'll scream: it gives and takes.

Pull me back, bring me down, lock me thoughts, I'll scream: it gives and takes.

No lights, the world is falling apart, no forgiveness nor even truth, I'll scream: it gives and takes.

Loneliness, complains and cries, anger and missing, I'll scream: It gives and takes.

Sun rises when the moon hides, I'll scream: it gives and takes…

Happiness shows up when we had enough pain, I'll scream: it gives and takes…

Loneliness might stay for a while, but friends stay forever, I'll scream: it gives and takes…

Tears of sadness reach your lips to water a smile, I'll scream: it gives and takes…

When it's over, it's a start, I'll scream: it gives and takes, it gives and takes…

I'll move on alone, I'll never walk with a mindless crowd, won't dream with a broken heart, won't scream for nothing! I'll move on with my head high and big dreams, I'll move on not afraid from losing because it gives and takes, life gives and takes.

Mar 1, 2012

Soul Surfer- Movie Review!

It was a Friday night when I and a friend of mine decided not to go out and stay home for a movie night, I've already got my copy of a movie called "Soul Surfer" couple of days ago and asked my friend if he's OK with me deciding what to watch, yes, he replied. It's been almost a year since I watched the top #10 Box office with Soul Surfer topping the list by then, something attracted me in the trailer enough to remember it after a whole year, that was a sentence passed by which is: "Something good is gonna come out of this." Yes, it was that what touched me in the deep.

In brief and not to ruin the movie for those who haven't watched it yet, Soul Surfer is based on a true story of a girl who existed on this planet with exceptional courage and determination, she loved surfing ever since she was a child and it was her ultimate passion, lost her arm while practicing for a surfing competition with her friends but never let that stop her from continuing what she's started. She never gave up, never complained but worked harder and harder. And thus, she started the journey of starting over and getting used to her new life style and surfing with one arm. Been through a lot of challenges and experiences and made a successful story of her sorrow.

The movie explains life; the girl lost her arm the thing she needed to do her daily only thing: surfing. Imagine you love reading and lost your eyes, love writing and lost your arms, love running and lost your legs, or even love surfing and lost one of your arms! How would you react about that? What will be your choices? Will you run away and give up on your passion, your dream?! A big number of people would do that, they run away, they deal with it as if it's the end of the world, they chose to give up, they chose to stop, to let go their passion and purpose of living and thus they end up miserable for the rest of their lives unless they decided to never let go the dream, like what the girl did.
She had the choice to give up, had every single reason to complain and cry, had the choice to just forget about surfing and start a new leisure activity that requires one hand. She tried; she never had her passion off her mind, faced difficulties and challenges, never hided herself being afraid from how would people look at me and the pity look in their eyes once they see her, NO! She faced that, faced her problems with strength instead of running away and her family did play a significant rule in supporting her, family support does help, a lot. But she's a human, and a human being gets weak, she got weak at some point, or to be more specific, she felt lost.

Lost is good, it's good to feel lost sometimes, when we do, we start searching for another road other than the one we're in. we get lost just to find a better road than the one we were in. sometimes what we need is just experience something new, to meet new people, to find something motivating, something worth dying for, something would make us feel happy just having it done, to appreciate what we have, we need, we need what we love, what makes us alive, we need a dream, a dream to fight for.
She felt lost, and thought running away from town would make her forget about surfing, she took a new road without even thinking about it. She's been through an experience that changed her perspectives about her life, she saw people who lost things more important than a hand, she got inspired by a natural disaster, she got hope from people who lost almost everything they had but decided to move on and start over.

She got back home with determination and a dream in paint. She had no idea about how to make it, she just felt it, wanted it so bad and been a hard worker getting used to surfing with one arm, eventually, with all the ups and downs she's been through, from all the pain she's felt, from her biggest lost came out the good thing. Couple of years later she made a successful story and became a public figure, her life's changed a lot for the better and she got out of life what she's put into it. And see, a Movie about her was made while she's still alive, she inspired millions by sharing her story with the world, taught us life, taught us that life's worthy, to not give up, to dream big, to keep on moving, to be strong, to stay positive no matter what, to smile when you have all the reasons to cry, to see the hard times as good, to see life in a new perspective, Hope, when there's no one around there's hope, there's God that created us and won't ever give up on us.

When your world falls apart and life seem to be cruel on you just raise your head up and chose to stay strong, to never give up, to work hard and never let go the dream, look above, baby dreamer look above where the clouds are and whisper: "Something good is gonna come out of this."

By: Sabri Jaber.
March, 1st. 2012.

Jan 7, 2012


Each hand represents an individual, a personality, a religion, a country, an ethic or even a gender! We are colors, we are who we are, no matter what’s your color, you will always belong here, to this big earth under its beautiful sky.

Created By: Sabri Jaber

All rights reserved. Jan,012.

Children, Tomorrow's Leaders!

-an article about Child Abuse.

Children are tomorrow’s leaders, by upbringing a child with love and respect, you build a better tomorrow of healthy people. Striking children, intimidate and hitting them are only the destruction of their personalities and identities!

Children were born healthy, beautiful and free of ugliness! They're like a seed, a seed needs good land, love and pure water to grow as a tree and give us sweet fruits. By abusing them we water the plant of hatred inside of them, we destroy the good person they are, and what hurts them the most is when they're subjected to humiliation and abuse from people from who they love, a mother, a father or any other family member.

They're like clay, the way you form it with your hands while it's still wet is what they will be when they grow up, you form it in a beautiful shape with love, it will be lovely and sweet, and you form it in an ugly shape with hands full of hatred it will give nothing but hate and destruction to the future.

Children could be abused in many different ways, sexually, physically, emotionally or child neglecting. Also it exists because there are hierarchical powers that subjugate people the world over, and they take the form of global poverty, slavery, occupation, diseases and wars. Children, having to rely on adults for their basic needs, are exploited as a result of these global issues and power imbalances. Therefore, the issue of child abuse is not just one of getting parents/guardians to stop hitting or hurting children, but also of tackling the much larger issues that affect everyone.

While physical abuse might be the most visible sign, other types of abuse, such as emotional abuse or child neglect, also leave deep, long lasting scars and effects like: Aggressive behavior, Alcohol and/or other drug abuse, attention and oppositional behavior problems, lying, stealing, panic attacks, academic difficulties, self-neglect, social withdrawal, sexual dysfunction, lack of trust and relationship difficulties and core feeling of being worthless or damaged.

That leads us to say that abusing children is as dangerous as killing them, how couldn't it be and the good nature they were born with has been destroyed because of abuse?! And once they're affected, they'll affect the future/themselves in a nonproductive way as they'll suffer from the above issues having to deal with the mentality they have got and live their life struggling and trying to find a way out to forget their horrible past.

Let us change the way we treat them, let’s give them what we have always wanted to have during our childhood. Let’s hug them, kiss them, smile to them and tell them how much we love them, how much they are beautiful, wonderful and worthy, let us strengthen the confidence in them. Give them love, teach them how to love and tell them about the power of love, of change! Eventually when they're fulfilled with love they'll give it to others, and others will give it to others and so on...
Learn the signs and symptoms of child abuse, try to help preventing it and give a hand for those who need it. Help breaking the cycle of hatred and abuse by passing the word to everyone you know and ask them to do the same, you never know whose Child's life could be saved because of you!

An article by Sabri Basim Jaber.

Nov 9, 2011

a little friend, a little bird!

I have a little brother... a little friend, a little bird...
I have a little brother... a hero for my novels, passion for my dreams...
I have a little brother... light for my road, moon for my nights, a sunrise for my days...
I have a little brother... a beautiful rainbow after the rainy days, a sea of love, a deep ocean of emotions...
I have a little brother... a winner when losing, a champion everyday...
I have a little brother... the start of ends, the joy of kids, the smile of angels, the purity of a Unicorn and the power of a Phoenix...
I have a brother who have me; who have me.

Dedicated to Mahmoud Jaber. :)

Sabri. Jaber.

Oct 31, 2011

Say NO to Child Abuse-Final!

Last poster of the sequence
Say NO to...

Sabri Jaber.

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Sep 18, 2011


Cartoon characters originally
created by me.

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Sep 6, 2011


A poster made by Sabri Jaber.

"Even the Smile is a charity"
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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Aug 31, 2011


S.1., originally uploaded by Sabri Jaber.

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S.2., originally uploaded by Sabri Jaber.

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Aug 23, 2011

Gone, Before It's Done!

A poster I designed with a personal meaning.

Jul 14, 2011

The Secret_Book Review!

The secret, a book by Rhonda Byrne, an Australian Author who claims to have revealed a giant secret and introduced it to the globe through her Book, The Secret. The secret is represented in three words: Law of Attraction, a law that has existed forever on earth, it represents the quote: what do you think of is what you gain.

The Author wasn’t shown a lot in the book. For the main source of ideas and thoughts wasn’t actually hers. It's owned by everyone who knew the secret and dealt with it! She just had the missing pieces of the puzzle completed! The book wasn’t an ordinary one, it’s different in almost everything, the way she represents the topics, the ideas, the solutions, the way she talks to the reader that interesting to him/her! The way she did this whole thing was just brilliant! I didn’t even feel any second passing when I was reading it!

She co-operated with a number of teachers from around the globe who knew the secret and were using it in their life. Every one of them took his part in the book as a narrator of their own experiences, they were like going over their lives and how did they use the secret to attract their needs and demands encouraging readers to follow their steps.

What’s so amazing about the book is that the Author didn’t use the do or don’t do commands, it’s said in psychology that human nature dislikes the do and don’t do commands. We’re a bit egocentric and take things in personal; sometimes that we almost feel like prisoners when we’re obliged to do something for others. It was genius that the author told the story in 3rd person about people she met and wanted to share knowledge with us. If you didn’t get the idea from this man, you could receive it from that woman, it’s simple, fun and interesting! It’s all about improving you and letting you feel the uniqueness of who you are.

What’s exciting is that when you read the book you feel like you’re contacting a number of different people from different countries. Listening to their experiences, taking lessons from their mistakes, learning life through theirs. Knowing what they have been through, starting penniless and how they got over it and didn’t let anything destroy their own dreams! What’s so beautiful is that you realize the real meaning of life. It’s not happiness or sadness! It’s just happiness, even though what seems like pain sometimes, it’s for our own good, and that’s what beautiful! Today you’re tired, tomorrow you’re relieved, today you’re sad, tomorrow you’re happy! And after dark nights there’s always a new day with the sun up!

The law of attraction and the whole book thing goes around one idea which is feeling good and being positive all the time; and there’s nothing wrong with that! It also encourages people to be thankful for the things they have, appreciate life and just love themselves for who they are! The more you show appreciation, the more you’ll be given by the universe. This is how the secret works, every single thought we think of has a frequency that goes around the globe and attracts the things I’m desiring from the same frequency I sent! Works like a magnetite! So if you’re always thinking of getting your dream car/house or what ever it was your desire, All you have to do is just put it in you mind, crave for it, be sure that you’re going to have it no matter how or when, live everyday in your life with it like you’ve already had it. Stay positive and optimistic and somehow later after days, weeks, months or whatever was the duration you’re going to receive it! The universe is going to make everything matching your desires so that you can finally get what ever you’ve wanted, what you always thought of! Today’s seeds are tomorrow’s trees! Today’s thoughts are tomorrow’s you and today’s you are yesterday’s thoughts.

Despite all the good things about the book, there are some obvious disadvantages about it! We can’t use it to prevent death or select a baby’s gender! What about children who suffer from hunger, diseases and pain? People who are being killed and murdered because of wars all over the world? Children who were born with different disabilities? What about people who died because of natural disasters, such as volcano’s explosions and Tsunamis? What about people who died because of big accidents such as plane crashes, or car accidents? Huge numbers of people died at the same time because of that and definitely they all weren’t having a negative thought to cause it, even if some of them were thinking badly, they shouldn’t die because of someone’s bad thinking! What about them? Did they bring that to their lives? No, absolutely they didn’t!

All that relates to the person’s destiny linked with God’s will, but the book didn’t mention any of that. It just makes you feel as if you were God and have the power for anything. It’s like the Book is making a gap between people and their religion!

Not to mention that disease is something that is sometimes considered in Islam’s faith as a good thing sent by God to see how patient we are and how we show gratitude even when we are in pain. As we all know; prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died because of a fever, and it doesn’t make sense to say that he brought it to himself; because everyone knows that he was a positive person who is full of beautiful white feelings.

To sum it up, there’s nothing wrong with following the positive messages the book is mentioning, and feeling good is important to live a healthy life. The book itself has a lot of beautiful stuff, and encourages you to be a better positive person everyday in your life. If you’re following a specific religion, I think you should link the things in the book with your religion so you don’t feel like you’re separated and ask God for your demands instead of asking the universe.

May 17, 2011


A person who’s chosen to live his life Happy, From Jerusalem, lived my whole life in Amman and currently studying in Cairo, interesting huh?!

A peaceful loving human who cares about humanity and mother earth, I love nature, the scent of rain inspires me, and winter is my favorite time of the year! I care about people, I try my hardest to respect them and not to be mean, I don’t judge, repeat it, I don’t judge! I know what it feels like to be judged by someone who barely knows you, so I just don’t do it; I try to understand people instead! Hate doesn't exist in my heart, I don’t know how to hate people, I really don’t! I’m fulfilled with love, and I spread it wherever I go.

I take life as simply as it is, believes in Karma; very much! I’m happy that I’m a Muslim, I don’t care about people’s color, religion or age, I treat them all the same way!
I do love learning; I love improving the person I am, I believe that the hard times you go through make you stronger, and teach you something, as well as every single person you meet teach you something. I sometimes as a human feel knocked down and broken, but it’s temporary, It doesn’t take forever, I just move on with a new me filled with hope and determination.

I’ve chosen Medicine as a career because of the human side of it and its role of changing/saving people’s lives, It’s what I love and believe in, change.

I always follow my passion, I have a lot of interests that I fill my leisure time with like: Voluntary work, photography, posters design, writing and reading. I love investing my time as much as I can with things that improve me.

I have some stupid things about me that I want to change; I’m not perfect because I’m a human, but It’s OK! I’m trying my best to get over it by changing me!

Whenever you go you could be a productive positive person; by giving away money, saying good things, spreading love, or a smile, even a smile can make miracles!

I have a box full of dreams that I’m working on getting them out of the box, out of my mind, and see them becoming true with time, Insha’Allah.

May 15, 2011

I'm Here!

I'm here, in Palestine, I live near the olive trees, I'm here! I belong here, where everything is beautiful and colorful, where my family and friends, where the warm sun and the refreshing breezes. I'm here! And you, you weren’t here, you were nowhere, and came to somewhere, somewhere is not yours, It’s mine! Somewhere is Palestine, Somewhere is not yours, it’s not yours, you’re nowhere, Israel: you’re nowhere!

Nowhere came and claimed that they belong to somewhere, took it, build new homes, build new country, killed my family and the ones I love with no mercy, destroyed my home and trees, did everything they want like they own everything, like they own somewhere! You stole it, you raped it! Everyday a new crime, a new child is killed, a new woman become widow, a new tear, a new fear, a new broken heart, a new Palestine without its people, a new me, a new us!

I’m here, now I’m here, somewhere around Palestine, calling for its freedom, my freedom! Calling for my land, my home! I’m here, after 63 years of suffering, after 63 years of injustice, after 63 years of silence, I’m here, holding tight my Olive tree, under the blue sky, shouting with my loudest voice, with no more silence, shouting for the freedom of somewhere, for Palestine!, shouting: I’m here, and will always be here.